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As the de­sign world mourns the loss of Jaya Ibrahim, we pays homage to a leg­endary tal­ent

With a pas­sion for draw­ing, Er­win Hawaw­inata, started his jour­ney to be­come an ar­chi­tect. Hav­ing an eye for de­tail has helped him to cre­ate great de­sign. By Ria Iskan­dar

He re­mem­bers the pre­cise mo­ment he fell in love with ar­chi­tec­ture. Er­win Hawaw­inata was a mere kid who watched his ar­chi­tect un­cle draw. Even his brother was so cap­ti­vated by his un­cle’s de­signs that he too be­came an ar­chi­tect. Hawaw­inata ad­mits to In­done­sia Tatler Homes that his fam­ily back­ground be­came the ul­ti­mate rea­son why he also de­cided to study ar­chi­tec­ture. He grad­u­ated from the Univer­sity of Parahyan­gan in Ban­dung, West Java. Hawaw­inata worked at one of the big­gest fur­ni­ture re­tail com­pa­nies in Jakarta for ten years. It was in Au­gust of 2008 that he re­united with his col­lege friend, Aji Warpani, and founded Hawaw­inata & As­so­ci­ates. As the say­ing goes: ”The rest is history.” The com­pany has since then ex­panded with a few more mem­bers and many com­pleted projects. It al­most seems as if they have fine-tuned their ide­al­ism of in­fus­ing clas­sic and colo­nial de­signs with mod­ern con­cepts to per­fec­tion. Their projects over the years have in­cluded residential prop­er­ties, of­fices, re­tail and com­mer­cial spa­ces. For Er­win Hawaw­inata this is just the be­gin­ning of his jour­ney, as he keeps dream­ing big­ger and shares his thoughts with In­done­sia Tatler Homes.

In­done­sia Tatler Homes (ITH): When did you know you would like to be an ar­chi­tect?

Er­win Hawaw­inata (EH): It all started as a re­sult of my fam­ily back­ground. When I was a child, my un­cle and my brother worked as ar­chi­tects. I al­ways loved to watch them sketch­ing and I al­ways asked them to teach me how to draw like them. That un­for­get­table ex­pe­ri­ence has molded me to be­come an ar­chi­tect.

ITH: What can you tell us about the be­gin­ning of Hawaw­inata & As­so­ci­ates?

EH: Ba­si­cally, I had the same vi­sion and pas­sion as my ar­chi­tect part­ner, Aji Warpani. Be­fore found­ing Hawaw­inata & As­so­ci­ates, both of us al­ready worked as ar­chi­tects for a decade in def­er­ent com­pa­nies. We met up again and de­cided to col­lab­o­rate and com­bine our skills and ex­pe­ri­ences. We also de­cided to not only con­cen­trate on residential ar­chi­tec­ture, but also on in­te­rior de­sign. Start­ing out with just the two of us, we have grown and al­ready have quite a few se­nior ar­chi­tects in our team.

ITH: Tell us about the best day in your life as an ar­chi­tect?

EH: For me, ev­ery­day has its own in­ter­est­ing story. I al­ways feel happy when my client feels sat­is­fied.

ITH: What is your favourite el­e­ment in de­sign?

EH: Ev­ery­thing is in the de­tails, es­pe­cially when I’m con­cep­tu­al­iz­ing my ideas while sketch­ing them on pa­per.

ITH: How do you de­scribe your style?

EH: Rich, bold and de­tailed.

ITH: Which pro­ject gave you the most sat­is­fac­tion?

EH: For me ev­ery pro­ject has its own chal­lenges and unique­ness. One un­for­get­table pro­ject, which gave me an adren­a­line rush, was when I was cho­sen as one of the in­te­rior con­trac­tors for the High Courts of Malaysia.

ITH: What would be your dream pro­ject?

EH: I dream of de­sign­ing an iconic build­ing that could be rec­og­nized around the world and be en­joyed by the public. I want to show that our lo­cal ar­chi­tects and in­te­rior de­sign­ers are ca­pa­ble of com­pet­ing on an in­ter­na­tional scale.

ITH: How will you de­scribe an ideal work­ing space?

EH: An ideal work­ing space is where the peo­ple are en­joy­ing what they are do­ing in­di­vid­u­ally while at the same time be­ing con­nected, like a fam­ily unit, with other team mem­bers.

ITH: As an ar­chi­tect, do you ac­tu­ally read ar­chi­tec­ture and de­sign mag­a­zines?

EH: Yes. The mag­a­zines are one of the tools of the trade that helps us to un­der­stand each and ev­ery pro­ject that gets fea­tured. We also get inspired by the cre­ativ­ity and ex­po­sure, not only does it help us to form an opin­ion, but it also help us to learn and un­der­stand more about what is hap­pen­ing in the world of de­sign.

ITH: What would you have be­come if you did not study ar­chi­tec­ture?

EH: Maybe I would have be­come a pas­tor and I stud­ied at the Vat­i­can - that was one of my dreams when I was a lit­tle boy.

“I have the same vi­sion and pas­sion with my ar­chi­tect part­ner, Aji Warpani”

– Er­win Hawaw­inata

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