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Du­ravit and Phoenix De­sign pre­sent the P3 Com­forts bath­room range that com­prises ev­ery­thing from sinks, toi­lets and bidets to shower trays

Amod­ern and stylish con­cept of com­fort in the bath­room, also mak­ing it a pleas­ing and prac­ti­cal sanc­tu­ary of seren­ity and se­cu­rity, is the def­i­ni­tion of the P3 Com­forts range. Sep­a­rat­ing wet and dry ar­eas, giv­ing gen­er­ous sur­face ar­eas, carv­ing gen­tly curved edges and soft­en­ing tran­si­tions be­tween en­vi­rons and bath­room fix­tures are the stand­out points in this range.

The wash­basins are broad to the point of be­ing al­most rim­less, com­bined with max­imised depth to op­ti­mise drain­ing and clean­ing— op­tional Won­der­gliss ce­ramic coat­ing will fur­ther fa­cil­i­tate clean­ing. A raised tap plat­form gives space for san­i­tary es­sen­tials while pro­vid­ing a vis­ually har­mo­nious sep­a­ra­tion. More space is pro­vided in the aes­thet­i­cally asym­met­ri­cal sink model with ce­ramic ex­ten­sion to the left or right.

As for the toi­lets and bidets, they blend seam­lessly with the sinks with some rim­less models to in­clude an open de­sign for the flush­ing rim. This and the toi­let’s an­tibac­te­rial Hy­geneglaze ma­te­rial make clean­ing eas­ier. The seat is wider for com­fort and au­to­mat­i­cally closes gen­tly upon a gen­tle tap.

Toi­lets mounted on the wall have an added perk of wa­ter-sav­ing Du­rafix sys­tem that flushes great us­ing lit­tle wa­ter. An­other op­tion nearly avail­able for all models is the Sen­sowash Slim shower-toi­let seat op­er­ated by a re­mote con­trol to ad­just wash types, noz­zle ad­just­ment and wa­ter tem­per­a­ture.

Also true to the rim­less and raised fea­ture is the bath­tub which puts the spout and ex­tra space on the side. An op­tional, re­mov­able neck rest will cush­ion the neck and sup­port the head while bathers lean on the built-in slope and en­joy op­tional wa­ter jets and whirl sys­tem.

Trays for the show­ers are an­other sleek part of the col­lec­tion that can be in­stalled flush with the floor, semi-re­cessed, or on the tiles with, or with­out, sup­port frame. Easy to clean and made of Dura­solid A ma­te­rial, the tray is slip-re­sis­tant with­out ad­di­tional coat­ing.

A sep­a­rate stool is the second part of the shower tray. De­signed in the same sleek spirit and coloured in white, the stool is a ver­sa­tile de­sign ob­ject which is also a use­ful space. Plus, it adds an­other de­light­ful show­er­ing pos­si­bil­ity—to shower while seated.

See more sets by Du­ravit and plan your dream bath­room at www.du­ Af­ter­wards, pay a visit to the show­room in Jakarta, BSD, Surabaya, Bali, Medan and Se­marang.

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