Recipe for a Per­fect Hon­ey­moon

The mo­ment is per­fect, so it’s right to al­ways look gor­geous

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As a new­ly­wed, you will want to keep those glow­ing and gor­geous looks dur­ing your first trip as hus­band and wife, whether you are plan­ning to re­lax on a beach, cruise to a trop­i­cal is­land, es­cape to a pri­vate villa/re­sort or drive to a nearby city. Here are a few beauty and health tips to make sure you look your best on your dream hon­ey­moon.

Air Travel

On your way to en­joy­ing your hon­ey­moon in an air­plane, make sure you take good care of your skin. These are your beauty en­e­mies on your flight:

Dry and stale air in the cabin, which can dry your skin

Ex­po­sure to flu­o­res­cent light – that is bad for your skin, too

Here are ways to fight these en­e­mies:

Mois­tur­ize: This is the best way to fight dry skin. Use a thick mois­tur­izer to lock in your skin’s mois­ture and ap­ply it reg­u­larly. It also pre­vents skin de­hy­dra­tion.

Hy­drate by drink­ing lots of wa­ter. While on the plane, you need to drink lots of wa­ter so that your skin won’t dry out, and also to avoid bloat­ing, swollen feet and puffy eyes.

Balm your lips: Avoid chapped and cracked lips by us­ing lip balm be­fore, dur­ing and af­ter the flight.

Avoid eye dry­ness: If you suf­fer from this, make sure you carry eye drops with you and ap­ply them dur­ing the flight.

Look­ing Best on the Hon­ey­moon

Look beau­ti­ful and nat­u­ral all day and night while on the trip of a life­time – your hon­ey­moon.

If you’re go­ing to a sunny cli­mate, wear sun­screen all day and ev­ery day

Use bronzer even if you do not wish to ap­ply foun­da­tion or any makeup at all: a small amount on your cheek­bones and nose, and you will look fresh and healthy.

To keep your skin look­ing bright and smooth, take your favourite face scrub with you.

Use lip gloss at any time, to keep your lips look­ing lively.

A good con­cealer and loose pow­der will leave your face sparkling

Pro­tect your hair. If you in­vested a lot in a hairdo in the run-up to your wed­ding, it would be a shame to ruin it on your hon­ey­moon. Get a pretty straw hat in a neu­tral tone to blend in with your out­fits.

If you want to have soft, kiss­able lips with your love, get a soft tooth­brush and soak it in warm wa­ter and bak­ing soda be­fore you go to sleep. Af­ter you brush your teeth, take the pre­soaked tooth­brush and brush your lips gen­tly. This ex­fo­li­ates your lips. Then, ap­ply lip balm and you’ll wake up with soft, healthy lips.

Keep your nails beau­ti­ful. You’ll prob­a­bly want to have a pro­fes­sional man­i­cure for your wed­ding, but it’s just as im­por­tant for your hon­ey­moon as well.

De­odor­ant is es­sen­tial to keep you smelling shower-fresh. Maybe, even a light fra­grance or body spray to keep you smelling sweet and sen­sual.

For the groom, make sure that you have had a re­cent hair­cut and a nice, clean shave be­fore your trip.

Health Tips

For the best hon­ey­moon ex­pe­ri­ence, take care with good eat­ing habits and ex­er­cise leading up to your hon­ey­moon. All of this will keep your skin look­ing ra­di­ant, and your hair nice and shiny.

It’s a good idea to visit your doc­tor three or more months be­fore your hon­ey­moon. This will give you plenty of time to make sure you get the proper vac­ci­na­tions or medicine needed for your trip.

It is best to pre­pare for the worst dur­ing your hon­ey­moon. Here are a few sug­ges­tions for what items to bring: back-up pair of spec­ta­cles or con­tact lenses, mul­ti­vi­ta­mins, as­pirin/ pain re­liever, pre­scrip­tion med­i­ca­tion, anti-di­ar­rheal med­i­ca­tion, al­lergy medicine (an­ti­his­tamine), band aids, sea­sick­ness pills, wa­ter pu­rifi­ca­tion tablets, cold or flu med­i­ca­tion.

Talk to your doc­tor be­fore you travel and get a pre­scrip­tion for an­tibi­otics. They could save your life on your trip.

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