Beauty Tips for Brides

Look your best on your big day by fol­low­ing th­ese sim­ple tips and tricks

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How do I avoid bags un­der my eyes on the big day? Avoid rub­bing your eyes, get enough sleep and do not drink too much wa­ter the night be­fore. How can I give a boost to my limp, thin hair? Just use hot rollers on the day of the event. Di­vide your hair into eight sec­tions. Start­ing at the roots, twist each sec­tion be­fore you wrap it around a roller. Leave rollers in for 30 min­utes, then gen­tly brush out the curls with your fin­gers, be­ing care­ful not to stretch the hair or it will lose its bounce. Your limp hair has now been trans­formed into sexy waves. What can I do to man­age my un­man­age­able hair? The day be­fore your event soak your hair in warm wa­ter, ap­ply a deep con­di­tion­ing mask, then wrap hair in alu­minium foil. Leave for 30 min­utes and then re­move the foil. Your hair will feel smoother and will be more man­age­able when styling. How can I re­ally bring out the colour of my hair? The day be­fore you go to the salon or you want to colour your hair at home, ap­ply a mix­ture of one cup of baby sham­poo and two ta­ble­spoons of bak­ing soda. Leave it for five min­utes and rinse thor­oughly. I want great look­ing nails but don’t have time to go to the salon for a man­i­cure. What can I do? Sally Hansen Di­a­mond Ra­di­ance Hand & Cu­ti­cle Pol­ish can be used in com­bi­na­tion with the hand scrub from L’Oc­c­i­tane. Cut and trim your nails, gen­try rub in the hand scrub and ap­ply the Di­a­mond Ra­di­ance Hand & Cu­ti­cle Pol­ish. Mas­sage a small dab gen­tly onto each cu­ti­cle and hand for about 60 sec­onds, then wash your hands and pat dry. Paint your nails for the fi­nal touch and it will look like you went to the pros for a man­i­cure. How do you get rid of dry lips be­fore ap­ply­ing lip­stick? Gen­tly scrub your lips with face scrub, rinse with warm wa­ter and wipe slowly. Use a lip balm, wait for a minute and ap­ply your lip­stick, not for­get­ting to add lip-gloss to make your lips look fuller. My breasts are kind of small. How can I make them look big­ger?

• Wear a de­tailed top that flat­ters and com­ple­ments your breasts. A dress with gath­ered details on top or ruf­fles will cre­ate the ap­pear­ance of fuller breasts.

• In­vest in a good qual­ity push-up bra, making sure you get the right size.

• Look for some­thing in Ly­cra be­cause it will cre­ate a more fem­i­nine shape. • A hal­ter dress works best rather than a

spaghetti strap.

• A boat neck or rounded neck will make your bust line look big­ger.

• Last but not least, sil­i­con in­ser­tion pad­ding will al­ways work to en­hance cleav­age. Corset vs. Bustier Most peo­ple know the corset and bustier are de­vices to help women get an amaz­ing hour­glass shape. How­ever, they are slightly dif­fer­ent.

• A corset is de­signed to rein in the body. It can be worn for many hours and can be used to waist-train, which is shap­ing the body into an hour­glass fig­ure.

• A bustier is de­signed to rein in your body only while it is be­ing worn. The body will re­turn to its reg­u­lar shape as soon as the bustier is re­moved.

• Un­like bustiers, it is rec­om­mended that you check with your doc­tor be­fore wear­ing a corset.

• Un­like corsets, bustiers are not made to be tight­ened too much.

• Bustiers are eas­ier to wear, while with a corset, you need as­sis­tance just to tighten it.

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