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Whether it is funny, in­ter­est­ing or sur­pris­ing, sex is al­ways sur­pris­ing, and plenty of fun, says Nandinne Kun­tjoro.

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Sex is an emo­tional bond be­tween couples and plays an im­por­tant role in main­tain­ing a healthy mar­riage. But ev­ery once in a while, couples have to mix things up in the bed­room and add a bit of ex­tra spice to the mar­riage. Be­low are some facts about sex that could ex­pand your hori­zons. Read it with your lover and who knows, you might find some­thing new to try. 1. Add kiss­ing and hav­ing sex to your work­out plan along with the dreaded tread­mill and aer­o­bics classes and scream­ing in­struc­tors. Not only is sex a good work­out, it’s a lot more fun than a visit to the gym. Kiss­ing for a minute burns 26 calo­ries and half an hour of en­er­getic sex burns 150 calo­ries. Get­ting in shape should al­ways be this fun. And plus, kiss­ing is good for your teeth, as it re­duces the rick of de­cay through the re­lease of ex­tra saliva. 2. Sex can also re­duce the pain of headache. When we have sex, our body re­leases en­dor­phins, which act like a nat­u­ral high and help make that headache go away. Com­bine that with the cock­tail of hor­mones that are re­leased when we have an orgasm, and that headache will be a thing of the past. So, from now on, never ac­cept the ex­cuse, “Not tonight, honey. I have a headache.” Ban­ish the pain with a round of vig­or­ous love­mak­ing. 3. Why spend all that money on fancy prod­ucts to keep your skin young and bright, when all the skin­care you need is right there in your hus­band’s healthy sperm? The pro­tein in sperm can help di­min­ish wrin­kles and act as an anti-ag­ing treat­ment. I’ll leave it up to you to work out all the details of your new beauty reg­i­men. 4. The way to a woman’s heart is through her ears. This might ex­plain why women talk dirty in bed more than men, be­cause they want their part­ner to re­spond in kind and help her reach the big O. Try this and lis­ten to each other whis­per while en­joy­ing your in­ti­mate sex. 5. Did you know that lots of women get turned on when watch­ing a kiss­ing scene? It is be­cause it plays into all those ro­man­tic, fairy-tale no­tions that they love. So, try kiss­ing in front of the mir­ror so she can watch and let all that de­sire pour over you. 6. The length of a pe­nis does not hold the key to a suc­cess­ful orgasm, be­cause a woman is most likely to reach cli­max when her vagi­nal canal is stim­u­lated. Keep this in mind and cre­ate more fric­tion in the area by keep­ing her legs to­gether and con­cen­trate on max­i­miz­ing the sen­sa­tion un­til she cli­maxes. 7. There are some sim­ple ex­er­cises that can help women have a great orgasm. Wear­ing heels will train a woman’s pelvic mus­cles and make them stronger, which will ben­e­fit her in hav­ing an orgasm. And for five min­utes ev­ery day, con­tract and re­lax the pelvic mus­cles that hold in pee. Sim­ple train­ing, fan­tas­tic re­sults! 8. A sim­ple and loving touch will turn her world around. Ca­ress a woman and she will purr like a kitten. Be­fore hav­ing sex, touch­ing a woman’s body will re­lax and arouse her, be­cause women are 10 times more sen­si­tive to touch than men. Let her en­joy it and you will get the love back!

Last but not least, sex is the safest tran­quil­izer in the world. It is 10 times more ef­fec­tive than Val­ium! Re­lax and en­joy.

Text by Me­lani Se­muel | Photo by Dhiemazs­a­pu­tra for Mil­lion Years Pic­ture (+62 812 3285 2247)

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