Cap­tur­ing the Best Mo­ments

Sweet mem­o­ries are meant to be saved in your heart and in beau­ti­ful frames. Pre-wed­ding photos cap­ture those fi­nal mo­ments be­fore you be­come hus­band and wife. So don’t let this op­por­tu­nity pass. Cap­ture the magic of the mo­ment and let the world see the be

Maxx-brides - - LOVE BOUND - Text by Me­lani Se­muel | Photos courtesy of New York Art

WWe love the work of Sam Lee the founder of New York Art. We feel like ev­ery pic­ture that he takes speak a thou­sand words. To find out how he makes such mag­i­cal photos, we spoke to Sam Lee to put to­gether tips for an ideal photo shoot and also find out his favourite pre-wed­ding des­ti­na­tions.

Pre-wed­ding Tips Who de­cides the theme, the cou­ple or the pho­tog­ra­pher?

Sam: Nor­mally my stylist and I will come up with a theme, and then we will sit down with the cou­ple to tai­lor it more to them and their style.

How do you make a photo shoot? Who pro­vides the wardrobe, lo­ca­tion, makeup artist and all that’s needed?

Sam: It’s all about team­work be­tween the cou­ple and the ven­dors. Ev­ery­one has a role to play. The pho­tog­ra­pher will choose the lo­ca­tion; our team will then ar­range the sched­ule and per­mits needed, the props. The stylist along with the cou­ple will choose the wardrobe ac­cord­ing to the look that they want. The stylist will choose the makeup artist.

When the cou­ple show up for the photo shoot, do you al­ways stick to the theme or is there im­pro­vi­sa­tion?

Sam: For me, the most im­por­tant thing is for the cou­ple to feel com­fort­able and con­fi­dent with the theme. Some cou­ples are more com­fort­able to stick to the theme, while oth­ers might want to look dif­fer­ent in their pre-wed­ding pic­tures than orig­i­nally planned.

What are some of the prob­lems that can come up dur­ing a photo shoot?

Sam: When the cou­ple don’t know how to pose for a shoot and se­condly the weather could pose a prob­lem (can be too hot or rainy) es­pe­cially nowa­days it is so hard to pre­dict the weather.

Is there any spe­cific thing that a cou­ple must do/don’t do be­fore a photo shoot?

Sam: let’s start with the do’s, get to know the pho­tog­ra­pher be­fore the photo shoot so you are more com­fort­able and less ner­vous, and also prac­tice a lot of ex­pres­sions in front of the mir­ror and find your best an­gle. Do not be ner­vous, as it will show in the camera. Main­tain a healthy liv­ing and ex­er­cise prior to a photo shoot, as a photo shoot can be quite tir­ing so you want to make sure you have the stamina for it.

any tips to cou­ples on choos­ing the right pho­tog­ra­pher?

Sam: Browse through their work, nowa­days it is eas­ier to look at a pho­tog­ra­pher’s port­fo­lio as most of them are fea­tured on their so­cial me­dia, find the one that you like. Make sure that the pho­tog­ra­pher has the ex­pe­ri­ence (the more the bet­ter) of tak­ing pre-wed­ding pic­tures. Choose a pho­tog­ra­pher who has his own style yet are up to date with the cur­rent trends. Most of all choose a pho­tog­ra­pher that you are com­fort­able with, the one that you can com­mu­ni­cate well with.

Sam Lee’s most favourite prewed­ding des­ti­na­tions New Zealand

New Zealand is blessed with am­ple nat­u­ral beauty, from milky seas of low­ly­ing clouds, punc­tu­ated by cast­away is­lands of emer­ald green pas­ture­land, to endless, wind-whipped beaches of coal­coloured sand, un­touched by any­thing but the foot­steps of Mother Na­ture. It is fast be­come one of the most sought-af­ter prewed­ding des­ti­na­tions, es­pe­cially in the cooler months of May to Oc­to­ber when the South Is­land decks out in the vi­brant colours of fall, of­fer­ing a bril­liant respite from the heat of the South­east Asia.

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