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There are many dogs in the back al­leys and side streets of Ayut­thaya. The dogs are not par­tic­u­larly friendly, and if one tries to ap­proach you, do not panic. Walk away at your nor­mal pace as run­ning away is not a good idea. As Ayut­thaya is full of an­cient ru­ins, some bricks might fall be­cause of their age. Just be care­ful. It is said that a heavy brick once fell at Wat Chai­wattha­naram. Not ev­ery­one in this area is friendly. Stay out of trou­ble with lo­cals and strangers; if you need help find some­one you trust or the lo­cal po­lice, who are friendly and help­ful to­ward tourists. Re­mem­ber to hag­gle first be­fore buy­ing sou­venirs; some­times the sellers will short-change you, in­stead of of­fer­ing the proper amount of change. In­sist on count­ing the change you re­ceive.

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