Thrill of a Lifetime

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Although I re­ally did en­joy ev­ery­thing I did in Queen­stown, I have to say that the high­light of my trip was a bungy jump. Yes, you read that right, I bungy jumped, I threw my­self from a bridge When I first planned my New Zealand trip, the thought of bungy jumping came to mind. New Zealand is the coun­try that give birth to this ac­tiv­ity. I con­tem­plated it for quite a while. On the one hand I re­ally wanted to do it, but on the other, the idea of jumping off a bridge doesn’t re­ally make sense. One of the rea­sons why I wanted to bungy jump is be­cause I have a fear of heights. I thought there was no bet­ter way of con­quer­ing that fear than by jumping off a bridge. And in case you are won­der­ing, nope, it doesn’t work. After a while I made up my mind. If I was ever go­ing to bungy jump, there was no bet­ter place to do it than here in New Zealand, so let’s do it. So I went where it all first started 25 years ago, the ‘World Home of Bungy’, the Kawa­rau Bridge Bungy. Be­fore I ar­rived, my guide took me to a hill lo­cated just across the road from the Cen­tre. From the hill­side, I could see ev­ery­thing, the bridge, the river, and heard peo­ple scream­ing as they jumped off the bridge. I re­ally had mixed feel­ings but de­cided to do it any­way. And then came the mo­ment of truth, for me I never had a sec­ond thought un­til I was sit­ting there while the crew from AJ Hack­ett tied my legs and placed all the safety gear on my body. I was think­ing to my­self, ‘what am I do­ing? I am on the safety of a bridge and I am about to jump. After be­ing tied up I had to make a lit­tle jump to the edge of the bridge, and while I was stand­ing there right at the edge, I looked down and started to have sec­ond thoughts. I was frozen, so I asked the guys from AJ Hack­ett if they could push me. And one said, “It’s a bungy jump, you have to jump on your own”. So I did. I jumped 43 m over the his­toric Kawa­rau bridge. I bungy jumped and I’m glad I did it.

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