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Keshia Gio­vanny

I’m a Plu­vio­phile and a bib­lio­phile who reads love sto­ries, and also a cinephile, above all, I hunt peo­ple’s ex­pres­sion

Yully Kus­nadi

I am crazy about teach­ing, learn­ing, writ­ing and trav­el­ling. I en­joy squeez­ing out the delight I have through my re­views; I write what my senses and soul feel and cap­ture.

An­gel Onu-Njoku

An­gel’ a Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Ad­vi­sor at The CalmICE Cen­ter. She is an ESL, Avi­a­tion English, and Busi­ness Com­mu­ni­ca­tion tu­tor and trainer, copy-editor, editor and copy­writer. “Edit­ing the Maxx-M ar­ti­cles was a delight. The ar­ti­cle, “Best Family-Friendly Ho­tels,” re­vealed a lot. I love trav­el­ling and hope to ex­pe­ri­ence these won­der­ful des­ti­na­tions.”

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