Trav­el­ling Solo 101

Maxx-M - - TRAVEL TIPS - Text by Den­nis Latif

1. Learn a lit­tle of a new lan­guage

Al­ways make the ef­fort to learn a few words and phrases be­fore you trav­el­ling. Just know­ing how to in­tro­duce your­self, start a ba­sic con­ver­sa­tion or count from 1–10 makes a lot of dif­fer­ence. Peo­ple love to know you are mak­ing an ef­fort and do­ing your best to in­ter­act, they will feel re­spected and treat you the same.

2. Find your peo­ple

In today’ so­cial me­dia era, use Face­book or Instagram to ask for con­nec­tions where you are trav­el­ling. Of­fer to take lo­cal friends of friends out for din­ner, and you will be sur­prised how many peo­ple will take you up on it – ev­ery­one likes to be a tour guide for a day. Do not for­get to seek out your in­ter­ests in your des­ti­na­tion and meet peo­ple on the same page.

3. Know your in­ter­ests

Are you a so­cia­ble per­son who wants to be in the mid­dle of ev­ery­thing (you might go crazy if you can­not com­mu­ni­cate, so head where you speak the lan­guage) or you are more of an in­tro­vert (ob­serve a cul­ture, for­get the lan­guage bar­rier and go for pas­sive en­ter­tain­ment in­stead)? Find out what suits you best.

4. Dine alone, why not?

As you might be tempted to live on fast food to avoid awk­ward restau­rant sit­u­a­tions. Don’t. In fact, fancy es­tab­lish­ments are fan­tas­tic places to dine alone. Wait­ers are happy to help solo din­ers who smile and say, “I made a spe­cial trip just to eat here. What do you rec­om­mend?”

5. Photo, photo and photo

Trav­el­ling alone some­times make a per­son too lazy to take a pic­ture of him­self/her­self. Don’t be. You can al­ways take a selfie or ask a friendly stranger to take a photo of you. It will make a good me­mento of your jour­ney, and it is eas­ier for you to tell your travel story to friends at home as you have a trace of it.

6. Give your­self a break

Re­mem­ber that it is OK to spend the oc­ca­sional night in, watch­ing movies in your ho­tel room. You do not have to be out ev­ery night on your trip, it could be ex­haust­ing. Know your limit, give your­self the good rest you de­serve and wake up early in the next morn­ing, full en­ergy.

7. Safety is num­ber one

Trav­el­ling solo can be safe and re­ward­ing, but be mind­ful of safety con­cerns as you would when trav­el­ling in a group or as a cou­ple. Be care­ful at night in big cities, watch your drinks, be aware of lo­cal scams and keep a close eye on your valu­ables.

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