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Arifin Pu­tra seems to have the type of happy-go-lucky per­son­al­ity that doesn’t take any­thing too se­ri­ously. But it turns out that this Ger­man-in­done­sian ac­tor is en­tirely ded­i­cated to his craft

While get­ting ready for his photo shoot, arifin Pu­tra is all fun and games, whether he is ad­dress­ing some­one in his play­ful posh British ac­cent or crack­ing jokes. Be­cause of his goofy, light­hearted de­meanour, it seems at first that The Raid 2: Beran­dal star has the type of happy-golucky per­son­al­ity that doesn’t take any­thing too se­ri­ously. But dur­ing our in­ter­view with him, it soon be­comes clear that this ger­manin­done­sian ac­tor takes his craft very se­ri­ously in­deed.

arifin first gar­nered at­ten­tion for his por­trayal of daniel in the tele­vi­sion se­ries Kisah Kasih di Seko­lah ( high School love Story) in 2004. he then took act­ing classes at Sakti ak­tor Studio, known for pro­duc­ing stars like daniel Mananta and Mar­cella Zalianty. af­ter seven years of tv act­ing, he made his fea­ture film de­but in Lost in Love in 2008. arifin has con­tin­ued to star on the sil­ver screen ever since.

his lat­est fea­ture, Su­per­nova, is based on the best-sell­ing novel by dewi les­tari. “there were def­i­nitely new chal­lenges for me in mak­ing this movie,” con­fesses arifin. “First of all, it’s a novel adap­ta­tion, which i’ve never done be­fore. the hard­est part is to do jus­tice to the book. i’ve been a fan of the au­thor for some time now, so it was im­por­tant to me to stay true to her work. a lot of times when i see a movie adap­ta­tion of a book, i think: ‘this isn’t how i imag­ined it.’ On set, the book was ba­si­cally our bi­ble. no mat­ter how i or the direc­tor thought a scene should play out, we al­ways went back to the book.

“i’m a per­fec­tion­ist, a bit OCD to be hon­est. this time around, i started off read­ing the book, of course. i read it through a cou­ple of times, the sec­ond time fo­cus­ing more on the char­ac­ter i was go­ing to play. nor­mally, i like to pre­pare a lot. What i like to do is cre­ate a scene board, where i have a brief sum­mary of each scene i’m in. i write down the char­ac­ter’s mo­ti­va­tion, his char­ac­ter­i­sa­tion - how he grew up, where he grew up, his fam­ily. also, i like to cre­ate a mu­sic playlist for my­self. it helps me get into char­ac­ter. For this par­tic­u­lar movie, i lis­tened to a lot of Mozart and Pavarotti. there was one movie i did be­fore where i played a can­ni­bal - so i lis­tened to a lot of Mar­i­lyn Man­son!

“if you’re a se­ri­ous ac­tor, you re­ally have to dive deep into the char­ac­ter’s psy­che and un­der­stand com­pletely how he lives. no mat­ter how good you are at act­ing, there’s al­ways a lit­tle bit of you in there, though. i try to live in the char­ac­ter as much as pos­si­ble. i usu­ally start my preparation at home. as i get my­self ready in the morn­ing, i am al­ready start­ing to get into the zone. On my way to the set i lis­ten to my playlists, read the char­ac­ter­i­sa­tion, study the script once again. also, when i’m on lo­ca­tion, i talk to peo­ple and re­spond to them as my char­ac­ter.

“Be­com­ing an ac­tor has proven to me that noth­ing is im­pos­si­ble. For ex­am­ple, when i was born, i couldn’t move my left arm at all be­cause of com­pli­ca­tions at birth. the doc­tor had told my mother that there was less than a 50 per­cent chance that i would be able to fully move my arm un­less i did phys­io­ther­apy. yet, voila, last year i came out with a movie where i had to do mar­tial arts! if you were to ask me if i could do a mar­tial arts movie when i was five, i would’ve asked: ‘are you crazy?’ But i did it! When you’re a lit­tle kid, ev­ery­one tells you that you can be any­thing you want to be, whether it’s a doc­tor, a fire­man, an as­tro­naut, any­thing. as an ac­tor, you can truly live out any dream that you’ve ever had.”

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