Na­tional He­roes who in­spire you.

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1. Pick an ex­tracur­ric­u­lar ac­tiv­ity… A. De­bat­ing club B.Volunteering C. Men­tor­ing D. Stu­dent coun­cil

2. My fa­vorite Marvel su­per­hero (Yes, we’re on team Marvel)… A. Pro­fes­sor X B. Sue Storm C. Bruce Ban­ner D. Wolver­ine

3. The best thing about In­done­sia is… A. The peo­ple B. Its di­ver­sity C. Rights D. Unity

4. How I spend my week­end? A. Binge-watch­ing the Na­tional Ge­o­graphic chan­nel B. Brows­ing TedEX videos C. Read­ing D. At lead­er­ship sem­i­nars

5. Can’t wait for In­de­pen­dence Day be­cause of… B. Street pa­rades C. Games D. The over­all fes­tiv­i­ties

6. Choose a place… A. Na­tional Mon­u­ment B. TMII C. Pram­banan Tem­ple D. Su­ma­tra

7. I’m more of a… A. Re­former B. Ac­tivist C. Thinker D. Strate­gist

8. My most In­done­sian trait is… A. Wear­ing batik B. Su­per-po­lite­ness C. I com­mute by angkot (public mini­vans) D. Jamu is my go-to medicine

9. Pick a condi­ment… A. Sweet soy sauce B. Sam­bal (chilli) C. Crispy fried shal­lots D. Spring onions

10. Guilty plea­sure… A. Game of Thrones B. Girls C. Grey’s Anatomy D. CSI: Crime Scene In­ves­ti­ga­tion

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