Con­trib­u­tor Brea Salim talks about the power of (per­sonal) change and the New Year.

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I is that I usu­ally never end up keep­ing them.The se­cond is that’s be­cause I usu­ally for­get them by the se­cond week of Jan­uary.

But I’ve be­come a be­liever. I started my last se­mes­ter telling my­self I would ex­er­cise more. Usu­ally, I don’t fol­low through. (Who am I kid­ding here? I never end up fol­low­ing through with ex­er­cise.)

This time, how­ever, I ended up keep­ing my prom­ise to with­out any fur­ther ado, here’s my list of res­o­lu­tions for 2016! TO BE LESS CYN­I­CAL

with what­ever is in front of me. I won­der how many doors I’ve closed and how many op­por­tu­ni­ties I’ve turned down per­spec­tive. In 2016, I prom­ise to have more of an open mind, es­pe­cially when it comes to try­ing things I would not usu­ally do. TO TRAVEL AND EX­PLORE

Some of my hap­pi­est mo­ments in 2015 were spent ex­plor­ing cities I did not know and fall­ing in love with them in the process. Some­times th­ese cities were in lands far away, like Cal­i­for­nia (be­lieve me when I say the West Coast is a whole dif­fer­ent world from the East Coast).

But some­times, when I’m walk­ing in New York City, where I go to school, I get lost and make a wrong turn.Then I turn my head and watch the sun shower the street and I re­mem­ber what it feels like to fall in love with the Big Ap­ple all over again.

I prom­ise to keep ex­plor­ing places that make my heart beat, whether they be close to home or miles away. TO BE COURA­GEOUS… AND FAITH­FUL.

How else can we go through this messy thing we call life? With a lit­tle bit of faith and lots of courage to make sense of the non­sense and to make the jumps you feel like you’re do­ing blind­folded.

So, what does your list of res­o­lu­tions look like? + Brea Salim

at Barnard The writer is a stu­dent

and Col­lege, Columbia Univer­sity, au­thor of Bright Eyes.

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