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Art, like fash­ion, is a medium for ex­press­ing an in­di­vid­ual’s taste and per­son­al­ity, and of­ten mood. Part of Oh! Hard­pop’s aim is to make art more ac­ces­si­ble and to try to cre­ate an al­ter­na­tive way of dis­play­ing it,” Irawan says.The name Oh! Hard­pop came nat­u­rally as an homage to his in­spi­ra­tion.

Since its es­tab­lish­ment in 2012, the brand has churned out orig­i­nal­ity and fun fare.

Il­lus­tra­tions are hand­made, with de­tails pol­ished to per­fec­tion. For ex­am­ple, there’s a lim­ited edi­tion Mon­drian tote bag fea­tur­ing the face of South Korean rap­per Choi Se­ung-hyun that sells for Rp 199,000 (US$24).

T-shirts fea­tur­ing iconic names from the K-pop scene, such as BIGBANG, 2NE1,WIN­NER, Girl’s Gen­er­a­tion, EXO and more, sell like peanuts.

With pro­duc­tion based in Jakarta, Oh! Hard­pop of­fers world­wide de­liv­ery. Or­ders have come from as far as Ja­pan and Brazil, thanks to blogs and posts by K-pop fans across the world. Speak! sits down for a chat with Irawan to nd out what’s next in store for his brand. Why t-shirts? I chose t-shirts as an ini­tial plat­form be­cause I am very pas­sion­ate about my work. I want my work more tac­tile than the printed page. I want things to be able to be picked up, worn and make peo­ple happy. Know­ing that you helped to cre­ate it is an amaz­ing feel­ing! What been tough­est so far? One of the hard­est things is man­ag­ing time and sep­a­rat­ing your work/home life. It’s so easy to get dis­tracted by some­thing that needs to be done around the house, hav­ing to re­spond to an in­vi­ta­tion or just the thought of get­ting cozy on my fa­vorite couch on a cold day. I think one of the main frus­tra­tions comes when you feel lim­ited in just how much you can grow and ex­per­i­ment.The cus­tomers love il­lus­tra­tions that cap­ture a like­ness per­fectly yet do it al­most sug­ges­tively. When you fail to do that, no one will buy your de­signs. Can cus­tomers re­quest de­sign? Un­for­tu­nately, they can’t. It’s too risky and it also pri­mar­ily has to do with time con­straints. My free­lance work keeps me pretty busy,When I do nd some free time, I love to use it to work on per­sonal projects, spend time with fam­ily and friends and also build other de­signs, which is my big­gest pas­sion. What are your fu­ture plans? I usu­ally let things ow, just like my art. I don’t try to force any­thing to hap­pen. I just let the op­por­tu­ni­ties come, make the most of them am grate­ful for ev­ery­thing, as long as I get to make art that peo­ple like and I like. Art that is hon­est.

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