Activated - - NEWS - By Ju­liana Con­nolly

Re­cently, af­ter read­ing an ar­ti­cle on the BBC News web­site, 1 I found my­self faced with a few tough ques­tions. The ar­ti­cle, a mod­ern-day “Good Sa­mar­i­tan” tale, is worth check­ing out as an in­spir­ing ex­am­ple of the im­pact one sin­cere loving deed can have.

Read­ing this story made me eval­u­ate my own track record of late. Would I have done the same? Would I be will­ing to risk my job to help a stranger in need? Un­sat­is­fied with my replies, I also tried some less dra­matic-sound­ing ques­tions. Would my friends say I’m some­one who lends a help­ing hand? Have I done any purely al­tru­is­tic deeds re­cently?

If I’m re­ally hon­est with my­self, I’d have to say I’m more of­ten than not ab­sorbed in my own world. I think we all have days when we be­come a lit­tle too fo­cused on our own prob­lems, is­sues and de­sires, days when we walk through life star­ing at our feet in­stead of look­ing up and out and around us. I’m re­minded of the painfully hon­est quote: “There are two kinds of ego­tists: those who ad­mit it, and the rest of us.”

2 So I guess for “the rest of us” it’s healthy to be re­minded ev­ery now and then about the world around us, about the needs of oth­ers, about the power of love; to stop and have a lit­tle chat with our con­science and see how we fare. There are lives we could touch if we’d look out­ward more, and some­times we may need to hit the pause but­ton and take a look around in or­der to do so.

The great thing is that we can reach out with love no mat­ter where we live, what job we have, or what di­rec­tion our life is go­ing. I think this will be my prayer for some time to come. Ju­liana Con­nolly lives in Austin, Texas, and is a re­search and pro­duc­tion con­sul­tant for the Fam­ily In­ter­na­tional.

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