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God’s idea of good­ness is of­ten quite dif­fer­ent from ours. King David plot­ted the death of an­other man so he could have his wife. But David knew he was a sin­ner whose only hope was the love, mercy, and for­give­ness of God, and be­cause he re­pented greatly and loved God all the more af­ter what he had gone through, God called David a man af­ter His own heart. God took the apos­tle

2 Paul, a fa­nat­i­cal per­se­cu­tor of the early Chris­tians, and made him one of the great­est Chris­tians of all time. Je­sus

3 took a de­mon-pos­sessed har­lot, Mary Mag­da­lene, and made her one of His fa­vorite fol­low­ers.

4 God’s idea of good­ness is not sin­less perfection. It’s a sin­ner who knows he has no right­eous­ness of his own, but de­pends to­tally on the good­ness of God. Th­ese are the only saints there are; there are no oth­ers! —David Brandt Berg (1919–1994)

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