More than a Speck

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As you take time to be filled with Me, I al­ways re­plen­ish your re­sources. The more you give Me of your­self, the more I can give you of My­self—My love, My power, My anoint­ing, My gifts, My in­sight, My wis­dom, My bless­ings, My strength, My pro­vi­sion, My pro­tec­tion, My cre­ativ­ity, My in­tel­li­gence, My con­tent­ment, My joy, My peace. All th­ese things are part of My good­ness. All are yours for the tak­ing and can be­come a big­ger part of your life, day by day. As you get to know Me bet­ter and learn to re­ceive from Me more clearly and di­rectly, you can have more and more of th­ese won­der­ful gifts and trea­sures. They grow and mul­ti­ply within your own heart, and spread into the lives of oth­ers whom your life touches. Never think that you are just one among many, a speck in the world, and that what you do doesn’t have an ef­fect on oth­ers or on so­ci­ety around you. It does. You can make the world a bet­ter place, in your own spe­cial way, through the things you say and do. You can work with Me to bring more of My na­ture, love, and good­ness into the world. When you are be­ing led by Me and work­ing in the power of My Spirit, the things you do help to ac­com­plish My per­fect plan in the lives of all in­volved.

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