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Tech­no­log­i­cal de­vel­op­ments can help us un­der­stand a bit more about God and how He man­ages His af­fairs. For ex­am­ple, prayer can be il­lus­trated by the cell phone, used to im­me­di­ately com­mu­ni­cate with some­one on the other side of the world. Com­put­ers are ca­pa­ble of stor­ing and pro­cess­ing ev­ery bit of a com­pany’s in­for­ma­tion. This helps us un­der­stand how God knows us so well that the Bi­ble says that even our very hairs are num­bered.

1 One of the mir­a­cles in the Bi­ble that has al­ways caught my at­ten­tion is the one where Je­sus tells Peter to catch a fish and take out of its mouth a coin needed to pay a tax. 2

A sim­i­lar mir­a­cle oc­curs when He tells His dis­ci­ples to go to a neigh­bor­ing town to find the don­key that He would ride on His tri­umphal en­try into Jerusalem. How did Je­sus 3 know where and when His dis­ci­ples would find the right fish and don­key?

I have of­ten seen God’s GPS at work in my life. He’s of­ten guided me to some­thing that I’d lost, or to meet a cer­tain per­son, or to find a place. And many times it’s not only the right place, but also the pre­cise mo­ment.

My wife and I re­cently prayed to find a me­chanic who was qual­i­fied to do some spe­cial­ized work on our mo­tor home. We were trav­el­ing through lit­tle coastal towns, and we’d been told that we needed to have our en­gine checked, but that it had to be done by a me­chanic cer­ti­fied in that par­tic­u­lar model. In one vil­lage, I un­ex­pect­edly felt an im­pulse to drive down a cer­tain street. Noth­ing caught our at­ten­tion along the way, so we fol­lowed the street to the end, when sud­denly a man came out to meet us and said, “You came here be­cause of the GPS pin, right?” Taken aback, we asked him what he meant.

He ex­plained that he was a me­chanic who spe­cial­ized in mo­tor homes. Re­cently a man who is trav­el­ing round the world had some work done there and ended up so sat­is­fied that he ded­i­cated a blog en­try to the in­ci­dent … and in­cluded the GPS co­or­di­nates so that any­one trav­el­ing in a sim­i­lar mo­tor home would be able to find the place.

We don’t use GPS, but we had been led to the ex­act lo­ca­tion. “Your ears shall hear a word be­hind you, say­ing, ‘This is the way, walk in it.’” 4

Car­los Cam­pos is a mem­ber of the Fam­ily In­ter­na­tional in Chile.

1. See Matthew 10:30. 2. See Matthew 17:24–27. 3. See Matthew 21:1-7. 4. Isa­iah 30:21

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