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Do not aban­don your­selves to de­spair. We are the Easter peo­ple and hal­lelu­jah is our song.— Pope John Paul II (1920–2005)

2 A man who was com­pletely in­no­cent of­fered him­self as a sac­ri­fice for the good of oth­ers, in­clud­ing his en­e­mies, and be­came the ran­som of the world. It was a per­fect act.— Mahatma Gandhi (1869–1948)

2 Chris­tian hope is faith look­ing ahead to the ful­fill­ment of the prom­ises of God. Chris­tian hope is a cer­tainty, guar­an­teed by God him­self. Chris­tian hope ex­presses knowl­edge that ev­ery day of his life, and ev­ery mo­ment be­yond it, the be­liever can say with truth, on the ba­sis of God’s own com­mit­ment, that the best is yet to come.— Adapted from Jim Packer (b. 1926) What hap­pens when a Chris­tian dies is not a mat­ter of spec­u­la­tion, but of cer­tainty based on truth. Some­thing tremen­dous hap­pened in his­tory that has taken the is­sue of life af­ter death out of the realm of con­jec­ture and moved it into ver­i­fied fact. Paul openly and clearly states the rea­son for his con­fi­dence. “We know that the one who raised the Lord Je­sus from the dead will also raise us with Je­sus and present us with you in his pres­ence.” The res­ur­rec­tion of Je­sus

1 Christ is a prece­dent for the res­ur­rec­tion of all those who are in Christ. In other words, our fu­ture res­ur­rec­tion is based on the his­toric­ity of Christ’s res­ur­rec­tion. The res­ur­rec­tion of Je­sus Christ is not a pe­riph­eral is­sue, but is cen­tral and cru­cial to the Chris­tian faith. … The fact that Je­sus is alive and makes His home in us doesn’t only change our per­spec­tive on the next life, but in this life as well, be­cause un­til we are ready to face death, we will never re­ally know how to live freely. The Chris­tian faith is not about es­capism, but about life here and now, lived in the love, strength and wis­dom of the pres­ence of Christ within us. In this, we have the as­sur­ance of the One who was raised from the dead rais­ing us up to our eter­nal home with Him.— Charles Price

2 No tabloid will ever print the star­tling news that the mum­mi­fied body of Je­sus of Nazareth has been dis­cov­ered in old Jerusalem. Chris­tians have no care­fully em­balmed body en­closed in a glass case to wor­ship. Thank God, we have an empty tomb. The glo­ri­ous fact that the empty tomb pro­claims to us is that life for us does not stop when death comes. Death is not a wall, but a door.— Peter Mar­shall (1902–1949)

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