Activated - - NEWS - By Sukanya Ku­mar-Sinha Sukanya Ku­mar-Sinha is an Ac­ti­vated reader from In­dia. She lives in Gur­gaon, and works as Deputy Di­rec­tor in a diplo­matic mis­sion in New Delhi.

I was eight years old when I lost my grand­fa­ther at the age of 65. My fam­ily is very close knit and this was a big blow to all of us.

I re­mem­ber kiss­ing Nanu’s cold cheek and bid­ding him farewell. But some­thing in­side told me this was not a per­ma­nent good­bye. I al­ways had a fer­vent hope of re­unit­ing with him one day. Ev­ery time we vis­ited the grave­yard, I cried at not be­ing able to see him, touch him, talk to him; but deep down, there was al­ways a con­fi­dent knowl­edge that I was go­ing to see him again. In ex­pec­ta­tion of this even­tual re­union, I’d think thoughts like When I see Nanu again, I’ll ask him about the time he was chased by a gang of armed rob­bers, or When I see Nanu again, I’ll rep­ri­mand him for not get­ting his kid­ney op­er­a­tion done in time. As I grew older, how­ever, I ad­justed to his ab­sence.

Af­ter Nanu’s death, my grand­mother, Nanna, was the heart of our big fam­ily, and now she too is gone. When she died re­cently and we gath­ered to clear out her house, I ran my hand over the quilt on her bed and couldn’t stop weep­ing. At church, I would find my­self look­ing at her reg­u­lar seat and ask­ing Je­sus, Why?

As the weeks passed, the pain be­came less raw, less con­stant, but it was nev­er­the­less al­ways there. Un­til one day I caught my­self think­ing, When I see Nanna again, I’m go­ing to tell her how much we’ve all missed her. I’ll give her that hug I couldn’t at the hos­pi­tal …

And that’s when I re­al­ized that the prom­ise of eter­nal life isn’t just fit for the child­ish wish­ful think­ing of an eight-year-old, but that it can com­fort through­out life. As Chris­tians, we have an undy­ing hope and faith that death is not the end. God sent His Son, Je­sus, to earth so we could have eter­nal life with Him. All we need is child­like faith to be­lieve God’s prom­ise.

I don’t know ex­actly how the re­la­tion­ships we en­joy so much on earth will con­tinue in heaven, but I know that eter­nal life with God awaits us. Death is the door we pass through to reach it.

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