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FAITH IS A REA­SON­ING TRUST, a trust which reck­ons thought­fully and con­fi­dently upon the trust­wor­thi­ness of God.— John Stott (b. 1921)

Doubt isn't the op­po­site of faith; it is an el­e­ment of faith.— Paul Til­lich (1886–1965)

Doubts are the ants in the pants of faith. They keep it awake and mov­ing.— Fred­er­ick Buech­ner (b. 1926)

The re­la­tion­ship be­tween com­mit­ment and doubt is by no means an an­tag­o­nis­tic one. Com­mit­ment is health­i­est when it is not with­out doubt, but in spite of doubt.— Rollo May (1909–1994)

The great lead­ers of the peo­ple of God, like Moses, have al­ways left room for doubt. You must leave room for the Lord, not for our cer­tain­ties; we must be hum­ble.— Pope Fran­cis (b. 1936)

Some­times doubt­ing is not a lack of faith, but an ex­pres­sion of it. Some­times to doubt is to merely in­sist that God be taken se­ri­ously not frivolously, to in­sist that our faith is placed in and up­held by some­thing other than seem­ing con­jur­ing tricks.— Mark Buchanan (b. 1960)

I think there is no suf­fer­ing greater than what is caused by the doubts of those who want to be­lieve. I know what tor­ment this is, but I can only see it, in my­self any­way, as the pro­cess by which faith is deep­ened. A faith that just ac­cepts is a child's faith and all right for chil­dren, but even­tu­ally you have to grow re­li­giously as ev­ery other way. … If you feel you can't be­lieve, you must at least do this: keep an open mind. Keep it open to­ward faith, keep want­ing it, keep ask­ing for it, and leave the rest to God.— Flan­nery O’Con­nor (1925–1964)

For many peo­ple in our world, the op­po­site of faith is doubt. The goal, then, within this un­der­stand­ing, is to elim­i­nate doubt. But faith and doubt aren't op­po­sites. Doubt is of­ten a sign that your faith has a pulse, that it's alive and well and ex­plor­ing and search­ing. Faith and doubt … are, it turns out, ex­cel­lent dance part­ners.— Rob Bell (b. 1970)

You can't stand ef­fec­tively on “blind” faith. You must have a “know­ing” faith, and that comes from be­liev­ing whole­heart­edly what the Word prom­ises. You know God has spo­ken it and de­clared it to be so, and you know you can de­pend on that.— Glo­ria Copeland (b. 1942)

For many of us, the great dan­ger is not that we will re­nounce our faith. It is that we will be­come so dis­tracted and rushed and pre­oc­cu­pied that we will set­tle for a medi­ocre ver­sion of it.— John Ort­berg (b. 1957)

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