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I see your strug­gles and hear your calls for help. When you feel all alone, I am there. I feel your heartaches, and wait for you to come to Me in prayer. Come into My sanc­tu­ary, into that se­cret place that you and I can share. There I am able to lift the wor­ries, the cares, and the con­fu­sion. There I can re­store your feel­ing of pur­pose and in­fuse you with strength to go on.

Life can be a strug­gle, but you do not have to strug­gle alone. Many times I have al­lowed bur­dens in your life that seemed like moun­tains. They weigh your spirit down and you won­der why I have al­lowed them. I have not al­lowed these things to re­prove you or as some sort of pun­ish­ment. I have al­lowed them so that you would draw closer to Me. I know your heart bet­ter than any­one else ever could, and love you more dearly.

The prob­lems and ob­sta­cles that I al­low in your life can be taken two ways: They can make you either bit­ter or bet­ter. When you have found the peace that only I can give, I can then use you as an in­stru­ment of My love to com­fort oth­ers.

Many events in life can seem un­fair or even unlov­ing, but when you look at them through My prom­ise of “all things work to­gether for good,” that gives a whole new mean­ing to things. That

1 prom­ise holds the key to eas­ing any heartache, re­liev­ing any prob­lem, and con­quer­ing any fear.

1. Ro­mans 8:28

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