I’ll come through

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If you re­flect on My great men and women who have gone be­fore you—those men­tioned in the Bi­ble, and oth­ers since that time—you will note how each lived for Me and ac­com­plished great things in My name. Some of them, such as those listed in He­brews 11, never re­ceived all that I had promised them dur­ing their time on earth. But their faith didn’t fail, and be­cause of that, they went on to re­ceive their full and great eter­nal re­wards.

Are there ar­eas in your life where you won­der if I’ll ever come through for you? Or is there some­thing I’ve said that you worry might not hap­pen the way you hope or ex­pect? Think on that great cloud of wit­nesses in the Bi­ble, and med­i­tate on what ad­vice they’d give you. Let your spirit be re­fu­eled by their ex­am­ple, and let your mind be set at rest by their fortitude. Just as I came through for them, I will come through for you.

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