Heav­enly In­vest­ment

Activated - - NEWS - By Anita Clark Anita Clark lives in Ger­many and has been an Ac­ti­vated reader since the first is­sue. ■

At my age, peo­ple usu­ally start to earnestly think about their future. Be­sides chil­dren, ca­reers, and liv­ing ar­range­ments, the sub­jects of pen­sion plans and cap­i­tal in­vest­ment tend to pop up. There are a lot of dif­fer­ent pos­si­bil­i­ties to choose from for fi­nan­cial in­vest­ments and it’s not easy to de­cide, since at the end of the day, no one can tell you what the right choice is for sure. Some of the in­vest­ment pos­si­bil­i­ties that I looked into are life in­surance, real es­tate, and in­vest­ment funds, though there are many more.

Not long ago I met a friend who is a mis­sion­ary who has trav­eled through­out Africa, Europe, and the Amer­i­cas to speak to peo­ple about Je­sus. I ad­mire her ef­forts and the love that she has for the peo­ple she meets, and for that rea­son, I de­cided to sup­port her mission work fi­nan­cially. The last time we met, she thanked me for the sac­ri­fice I made to be able to give that money to her. This got me think­ing, since I don’t view it as a sac­ri­fice at all; on the con­trary, I see it as an in­vest­ment in my future. It’s my most pro­duc­tive cap­i­tal in­vest­ment.

Life in­surance. The Bi­ble prom­ises that God will take care of us if we are gen­er­ous. 1 It also says that if we give to oth­ers, He will bless us and our works. 2 Sup­port­ing God’s work is pay­ing into God’s life in­surance pro­gram, and in ex­change, He takes care of me and my loved ones in both good and bad times. God is my safety net.

Home sav­ings ac­count. Je­sus told us that He will pre­pare a place for us. 3 When I in­vest my money in His work, I am in­vest­ing in a dwelling place in a beau­ti­ful future in His heav­enly city. I’m sure He is an amaz­ing ar­chi­tect.

Stock port­fo­lio. Je­sus said that we will have trea­sures in heaven. 4 In sup­port­ing my friend’s mis­sion­ary work, I’m buy­ing heav­enly stocks and plac­ing them in my heav­enly stock port­fo­lio. The more time and ef­fort my friend in­vests in her heav­enly en­ter­prise, the more valu­able my stocks will be. When I stand in front of my Maker at the end of my life, my stock port­fo­lio will be dis­solved and the value will be paid out to me. I’m sure the wait will be worth it.

1. See 2 Corinthi­ans 9:6.

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