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It’s tough to change the things that have be­come sec­ond na­ture to you. But when th­ese things are hold­ing you back, they need to be coun­tered, chal­lenged, and over­come. That’s what makes change so dif­fi­cult‚ but so won­der­fully chal­leng­ing—you’re de­fy­ing hu­man na­ture in the habits that bind you to do­ing things in a cer­tain way. You’re al­ter­ing your course to head in a new di­rec­tion that will bring forth fruit and growth.

So don’t ever feel that over­com­ing ruts and bad habits is not worth the ef­fort. It is worth ev­ery tear shed, ev­ery ounce of ef­fort spent, and ev­ery dif­fi­culty. This brings to life the fighter in you. It’s break­ing loose from the ties of rou­tine and what you’ve come to be­lieve are un­change­able el­e­ments of your per­son­al­ity or cir­cum­stances, and it’s mak­ing a de­ci­sion to turn around and go in a new di­rec­tion that will move you for­ward.

The de­ter­mi­na­tion to break the chains of bad habits and ruts can bring out the best in you, for it causes you to rise above the cir­cum­stance of com­fort and search out a new route—a new chal­lenge in life—and the prom­ise of bet­ter things ahead.

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