Activated - - NEWS - By Robert Stine

When suf­fer­ing a big loss or be­ing over­whelmed by life’s ob­sta­cles, changes, and prob­lems, it can al­most seem im­pos­si­ble or hope­less to win—but this is when putting up a fight and giv­ing it your best ef­fort can re­sult in a ma­jor, “im­pos­si­ble,” come-from-be­hind vic­tory that changes his­tory.

I never saw this point so clearly made as at Su­per Bowl LI on Fe­bru­ary 5 be­tween the New Eng­land Pa­tri­ots and the At­lanta Fal­cons. The Pa­tri­ots were be­hind 28–3

1 dur­ing the third quar­ter, and no team had ever come back from more than ten points be­hind to win a Su­per Bowl, so it seemed like mis­sion im­pos­si­ble with only one quar­ter to go. Dur­ing the first half, the Fal­cons scored 28 points and it didn’t seem like they could do much wrong. It sure looked like it was go­ing to be a com­plete dis­as­ter and a rout.

Then a few things hap­pened that were mo­men­tum chang­ers. The Fal­cons had the ball, and could have cho­sen to kick a field goal which would have ex­tended their lead even fur­ther, but they ran a pass play in­stead. Their quar­ter­back was tack­led, putting them out of kick­ing range, and they had to punt the ball back to the other team.

From that point on, noth­ing could stop the Pa­tri­ots, and they went 90 yards (82 m) to score, and then score again, and again, be­fore ty­ing the score in the last minute and fi­nally win­ning in the first over­time in Su­per Bowl his­tory.

There was a very spe­cific point in the game when view­ers could see the change tak­ing place. The Fal­cons were very good, but once the Pa­tri­ots came into their own, there was noth­ing the Fal­cons could do to stop them.

Life is like this. Some­times we’re los­ing the bat­tle of the mind, of ini­tia­tive. We get dis­cour­aged. Noth­ing seems to go right, and we’re tempted to give up, but if we look at these losses as learn­ing op­por­tu­ni­ties and go on the of­fen­sive, do­ing what we know is right, things can change and vic­to­ries can come. Some­times, a sim­ple prayer is all it takes to switch the mo­men­tum back to our side.

Suc­cess is like a snow­ball. It takes mo­men­tum to build, and the more you roll it in the right di­rec­tion, the big­ger it gets.— Steve Fer­rante Robert Stine is a Chris­tian ed­u­ca­tor and mis­sion­ary in Ja­pan.

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