The Prince of Peace

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Some­times it feels like the world is get­ting darker and colder all the time. When the sun sets, we look for some ray of hope. That hope is here. Two thou­sand years ago, over the town of Beth­le­hem, a new star shone and an an­gel pro­claimed to a group of shep­herds, “Be­hold, I bring you good tid­ings of great joy which will be to all peo­ple. For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Sav­ior, who is Christ the Lord.” On that spe­cial night, God gave us the great­est gift any­one could

1 give—His Son, Je­sus.

Though Je­sus came into the world as a tiny baby, He brought with Him all of God’s won­der­ful gifts. As He grew older, He un­wrapped th­ese gifts for us one by one, as He taught us how to love God and one another. Then when He died for us, He gave us the great­est gift of all—the prom­ise of eter­nal life with Him in heaven.

Je­sus wants to live in the hearts of all peo­ple ev­ery­where. He sees the mis­ery, grief, and pain of the heavy-hearted. He sees the weak, the sick, and the weary. He sees those who strug­gle with re­gret over the past and fear of the fu­ture. He sees the per­se­cuted and war-torn, those who have been robbed of hope and a fair chance at life. He hears all our cries and reaches out to us in love. “Don’t let your hearts be trou­bled,” He tells us. “Trust in God, and trust also in me.” “Here on earth you will have many tri­als and sor­rows. But take

2 heart, be­cause I have over­come the world.”

3 May you and yours have a won­der­ful Christ­mas filled with God’s care and love.

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