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The Christ­mas when I was six years old, I learned a poem ti­tled “Where Je­sus Was Born.” The poem tells the story of three boys who went to see Je­sus. One was blind, another was deaf, and the third was lame. De­spite their in­fir­mi­ties, they helped one another make their way to the manger where Je­sus was born. Then God gave them a spe­cial Christ­mas present—He healed them.

I imag­ined the lit­tle boys were around my own age, and I was so happy that they were healed on that spe­cial night. Now, I can’t help but think of all the other peo­ple whose lives have been changed be­cause of Je­sus’ birth.

There was the man walk­ing to Beth­le­hem, lead­ing a don­key that car­ried his ex­pec­tant wife. Nine months ear­lier, his life had taken a sud­den change—for the worse, it seemed—yet there had been a glim­mer of hope: he’d been promised in a dream that all would be right. He held on to that prom­ise; he hoped and prayed and pa­tiently waited. That first Christ­mas night, all his fears were washed away. As the tiny Babe lay in the manger, peace flooded Joseph’s wor­ried soul.

On the hills out­side Beth­le­hem, a lowly shep­herd watched sheep all night. Life was hard. He had taxes to pay and a fam­ily to feed. His coun­try was oc­cu­pied by a for­eign power, and he longed for the day when he would be free. As he sat un­der the star­lit sky, he prayed for a so­lu­tion to his prob­lems. That night his prayers were an­swered, and as he watched the Babe sleep­ing in the manger, he knew that God was go­ing to work ev­ery­thing out in the end. Light came into his life.

A learned man had long searched the night skies for a sign in his quest for truth and mean­ing. De­spite all his knowl­edge and wealth, he longed for some­thing more. The an­swer came with a won­drous new star that her­alded his Sav­ior’s birth and led him to the young child.

To­day, there are still many who are search­ing for truth and peace. For each one, the an­swer is the same as it was for those oth­ers that night in Beth­le­hem. The same love that touched their hearts two thou­sand years ago can touch the hearts of those who are search­ing to­day.

Ari­ana Keat­ing is a teacher in Thai­land.

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