Activated - - NEWS - By Rosane Pereira Rosane Pereira is an English teacher and writer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and a mem­ber of the Fam­ily In­ter­na­tional.

I grew up in a Chris­tian fam­ily, but when I was a teenager, feel­ing over­whelmed over the world’s prob­lems caused me to start doubt­ing my faith. When I was 18, though, my boyfriend was a firm be­liever. We had some dis­cus­sions on faith, and he was so sin­cere that I started doubt­ing my doubts. One day, I took his New Tes­ta­ment, went to a big city park, and sat by a small lake. I started at the very be­gin­ning, the Gospel of Matthew. When I got to the Ser­mon on the Mount, I was shocked! Those were the prin­ci­ples I wanted to live by; I just hadn’t seen them spelled out so clearly any­where else. I kept read­ing through the af­ter­noon, pass­ing from Gospel to Gospel. It was like a movie scene, where some­one is so fo­cused that ev­ery­one and ev­ery­thing else dis­ap­pears. I was trans­ported to the dusty roads of Galilee, the fish­ing vil­lages, the tem­ple, and I was one of Je­sus’ dis­ci­ples, ea­ger to hear and see what He would say and do next. Dusk de­scended as I read the last chap­ter of John, and I came back to earth. I walked home trans­formed, and all I wanted to do was find out how I could live what Je­sus taught. A few months later, He showed me my life’s mis­sion, and I have been try­ing my best to ful­fill it since then. Get­ting to know Je­sus is the big­gest dis­cov­ery any­one can make! Some­one said that read­ing the Bi­ble is like read­ing our own story, be­cause we’re also part of that story, one that’s be­ing played out in each of our lives. The best bit is that we know our story has a very happy end­ing!

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