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A cal­en­dar is of­ten used to help re­mind you of spe­cial events or im­por­tant ap­point­ments, and can even be used as a ba­sic master plan of hap­pen­ings in your life. There ex­ists a spe­cial cal­en­dar for you alone, and I’m help­ing you to fill in the days with plans that are pleas­ing to Me. As you trust and fol­low Me, you will see the man­i­fes­ta­tion of the se­cret de­sires of your heart. The cal­en­dar of your life is full of unique, mem­o­rable, and life-chang­ing events.

I know that you some­times won­der about some of the events that I have al­lowed in your life, or that I have al­lowed in the lives of oth­ers around you. My child, I do have a rea­son for all that I al­low, al­though there will be many things that you can only un­der­stand in part in this life and must com­mit to Me .

So if your cur­rent month seems gray and bleak, were I to skip ahead to the fu­ture and show you what good can come to you from such dif­fi­cul­ties, you would clearly see that these seem­ingly dark days lead up to bright, warm, sunny days, and that what you will gain through it all will be price­less.

So don’t be afraid of let­ting Me help you fill in the cal­en­dar of your life. The best things hap­pen to those who trust Me com­pletely and who hap­pily flow with Me.

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