Business Traveller - - INBOX - T C Foong, Singapore

I trav­elled with my wife on Singapore Air­lines [SIA] from Syd­ney to Singapore on March 29. At the SIA lounge at Syd­ney air­port, we were greeted by a friendly re­cep­tion­ist. Un­be­knownst to me, my pass­port pouch, con­tain­ing cash and credit cards, dropped out of my carry-on bag while I was in there.

We boarded the flight as nor­mal, and it was only when the lounge staff came on board, look­ing for me to re­turn the pouch with all of its con­tents, that I re­alised I would have flown back to Singapore with­out it. We were lucky and thank­ful that the re­cep­tion­ist went out of her way to re­turn it be­fore the plane departed. I would like to share re with fel­low read­ers that there are still many friendly peo­ple thatat of­fer great cus­tomer ser­vice. We will be fly­ing SIAA for many more years.

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