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I am about to fly my most hated route – New York JFK to Dublin. It’s a short overnight flight then on to Lon­don. I al­ways ar­rive grumpy and un­re­freshed. My favourite flight is Lon­don Heathrow to Hong Kong, up­stairs in the for­ward cabin of the A380. The flight is long enough to en­joy a cou­ple of films, food, drink and a good night’s sleep. What is your most loved or hated route?

My most hated route is Dhaka to Singapore. First, the air­port is best de­scribed as a tin shack and the worst part is that the flight takes off at mid­night lo­cal time, which is 0200 in Singapore, and then is just over three hours long, land­ing at 0515 in Singapore. This al­lows less than two hours’ sleep.

The best route is Singapore to Tokyo – the early-morn­ing flight, where there is seven hours to re­lax and get things done, plus there is only a one-hour time dif­fer­ence.

I love a Lon­don to JFK flight leav­ing midafter­noon, al­low­ing plenty of time for food, wine, a movie and sleep be­fore go­ing out for a lovely din­ner in New York.

When I was com­mut­ing to the US, I used to re­ally en­joy ar­riv­ing into Or­lando, in the glo­ri­ous sun­shine most of the time.

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