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POST trav­el­well DATE Au­gust 10, 07:09

I’m plan­ning a trip in Septem­ber to Tokyo. Which is a bet­ter seat and ex­pe­ri­ence in pre­mium econ­omy, BA or Ja­pan Air­lines (JAL)?

K1ngston Au­gust 10, 09:16

For me, it de­pends which air­craft BA is us­ing for the sec­tor – if it’s the A380 then World Trav­eller Plus is okay, but if it’s the B777 or, worst-case sce­nario, a B747, I would prob­a­bly aim for JAL. They pro­vide a good ser­vice and I use them in Asia to keep up my Oneworld sta­tus, but my re­cent up­grade to World Trav­eller Plus to the UK on BA was com­fort­able on the A380.

trav­els­for­fun Au­gust 10, 12:12

If in doubt, and all else be­ing equal, I would err on the side of Ja­pan Air­lines. I haven’t flown JAL in pre­mium econ­omy but, in gen­eral, find JAL’s in-flight ser­vice im­pres­sive, even in econ­omy. World Trav­eller Plus is okay, al­though I haven’t flown it on an A380. Note that if you don’t al­ready have sta­tus, pre-booked JAL pre­mium econ­omy will give you ac­cess to lounges at Lon­don Heathrow, Tokyo Haneda and Tokyo Narita.

Dol­phin500 Au­gust 10, 13:30

I have used both pre­mium econ­omy ser­vices be­tween North Amer­ica and the UK, and North Amer­ica and Tokyo Narita, both on B777s, but I have to say that Ja­pan Air­lines of­fers many more ben­e­fits than Bri­tish Air­ways, with a ded­i­cated check-in and pri­or­ity ser­vices. I pre­fer JAL be­cause you re­cline within your space and ev­ery seat has leg and calf sup­port. The re­clin­ing sys­tem is not as tra­di­tional as BA’s and some peo­ple don’t like it, but I’m six-foot tall and it is the only pre­mium econ­omy seat that I can sleep in. The food is about the same – JAL’s is the same as in econ­omy, which is ac­tu­ally very good, but served in a dif­fer­ent way and they have ex­tras such as cham­pagne and noo­dles as a snack. The crew is out­stand­ing and you never need to call be­cause there is al­ways some­one nearby.

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