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POST Alex_F. DATE Sept 6, 22:13

I used Uber in Paris to get to CDG air­port from St Ger­main. I booked Uber Pool and waited. The driver was show­ing as five min­utes away, then sud­denly he can­celled the trip. I re­booked and got the same driver, and he showed up at the pick-up point two min­utes later. I thought noth­ing more of it un­til I got the € 5 can­cel­la­tion fee on my credit card. It turns out driv­ers may be can­celling trips to claim an easy € 5 and then re ac­cept­ing the same cus­tomers [ed­i­tor’s note: Uber says this shouldn’t be pos­si­ble]. Has any­one else had sim­i­lar neg­a­tive ex­pe­ri­ences on Uber?

capeto­ni­anm Sept 7, 11:44

I had this prob­lem once. I was out­side the Europa ho­tel in Belfast wait­ing for an Uber, saw it ap­proach­ing on the app, then it stopped, seemed to be do­ing wheel­ies or touch-and-gos, and I got a mes­sage say­ing the driver had can­celled. He may have been stuck in traf­fic, but that was not my prob­lem, and I got a £4 can­cel­la­tion charge. I con­tested it on the site and it was promptly re­funded as a credit.

Swiss diver Sept 9, 16:27

I use Uber all around the world ex­cept in cen­tral Lon­don (no GPS can beat a Lon­don black cab driver’s knowl­edge). The few times I have had a prob­lem I have been re­funded. I get im­pec­ca­ble ser­vice in at least 90 per cent of cases.

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