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One ad­van­tage to pas­sen­gers of an air­line which is a mem­ber of a global al­liance is that we can use a far wider range of fa­cil­i­ties than those of­fered by a sin­gle car­rier. So for ex­am­ple, if fly­ing Fin­nair on a cheap econ­omy class ticket, I can use its ex­cel­lent lounge in Helsinki on ac­count of my Oneworld sta­tus with an­other air­line.

Most Oneworld mem­bers stick to the let­ter and spirit of this agree­ment. That al­lows ac­cess to world-class lounges and other air­port priv­i­leges. There are some ex­cep­tions, how­ever, such as Bri­tish Air­ways, which re­serves Concorde lounges for some of its own pas­sen­gers.

The most egre­gious ex­am­ple of this is Qatar Air­ways. In its hub of Doha air­port, it re­serves en­trance to its best lounges for its own pas­sen­gers. The sub­sti­tute lounges it of­fers Oneworld pas­sen­gers are far in­fe­rior.

I can un­der­stand such ex­clu­sion from a busi­ness per­spec­tive; how­ever, that is not play­ing ball with the spirit of Oneworld lounge ac­cess rules.

Christo­pher Ruane, La­nark, Scot­land

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