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Global and lo­cal ac­cess trends

Fast and re­li­able ser­vice de­liv­ery re­mains a chal­lenge for most car­ri­ers in both the whole­sale and en­ter­prise space. Even when de­liv­er­ing ma­jor prod­ucts in de­vel­oped coun­tries the time­lines for many car­ri­ers can eas­ily run into the hun­dreds of days, and some car­ri­ers miss more of their de­liv­ery com­mit dates than they make. SDN and NFV prom­ise a fu­ture of al­most in­stant ser­vice ac­ti­va­tion, but that seems like a dis­tant pipe dream when the end-to-end VPN de­liv­ery times, start­ing at con­tract sign and end­ing at cir­cuit in­stalled, across six­teen coun­tries av­er­aged 112 days. A re­cent AT­LANTIC-ACM re­view of global ser­vice de­liv­ery re­vealed some in­ter­est­ing char­ac­ter­is­tics about global mar­kets and the vari­ables of pro­vi­sion­ing ser­vices, in­clud­ing another con­fir­ma­tion of Eth­er­net growth, an un­der­stand­ing of just how im­por­tant lo­cal ac­cess man­age­ment can be, and the sig­nif­i­cance of ac­cu­rately set­ting de­liv­ery com­mit­ments and cus­tomer ex­pec­ta­tions.

AT­LANTIC-ACM worked with lead­ing global en­ter­prise ser­vice providers to bench­mark de­liv­ery in­ter­vals and eval­u­ate ser­vice de­liv­ery pro­cesses in key mar­kets. The study cov­ered 16 coun­tries and an­a­lyzed end-to-end ser­vice de­liv­ery data for tens of thou­sands of VPN cir­cuits de­liv­ered dur­ing a one-year pe­riod end­ing Fe­bru­ary of 2016. The fol­low­ing is based on the pooled data of car­ri­ers who had a com­bined global wire­line en­ter­prise ser­vices rev­enue of over $40 bil­lion in 2015.

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