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THE FLAG­SHIP ROLLS-ROYCE MODEL HAS LAUNCHED its new­est in­car­na­tion in Lon­don, boast­ing sports car ac­cel­er­a­tion to pro­pel driv­ers to 100 kph in just 5.3 sec­onds thanks to a fan­tas­tic V12 en­gine. Yet all this power is ap­par­ently de­liv­ered in a whis­per. The new Phan­tom fea­tures six-milime­tre, two-layer glaz­ing, more than 130kg of sound in­su­la­tion, dense foam and felt lay­ers; even the “si­lent seal” tyres have been spe­cially de­vel­oped for the car. It was re­ported this new Phan­tom is so quiet, that Rolls-Royce’s acous­tic test en­gi­neers had to check their in­stru­ments were work­ing due to the sound lev­els be­ing so low. If you’re look­ing to pur­chase this fine piece of au­to­mo­tive art, ex­pect to pay the grand sum of $450,000.

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