The first syn­thetic for­mula for cherry flavour was pub­lished in 1917 and was sup­posed to con­tain an ar­ray of dif­fer­ent chem­i­cals:

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Ethyl ac­etate – a type of chem­i­cal called an ester, which has a fruity smell (also found in nail var­nish re­movers) Ethyl ben­zoate – a colour­less liq­uid and an ester that has a minty kind of smell Oil of per­si­cot – ex­tracted from the ker­nels of apri­cots

and sim­i­lar fruits Ben­zoic acid – a type of chem­i­cal called a car­boxylic acid that is also used as a preser­va­tive (E210 on in­gre­di­ent pack­ets). Glyc­er­ine – a sweet-tast­ing liq­uid, also used in lowcalo­rie foods

Al­co­hol To­day, the main chem­i­cal in cherry flavour­ing is ben­salde­hyde, a chem­i­cal that emits a pleas­ant al­mond


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