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Guru Magazine - - CONTENTS - With a PhD from Detroit’s Wayne State Univer­sity, Kim Lacey from Detroit, USA knows a thing or two about mem­ory stud­ies, dig­i­tal me­dia and dig­i­tal hu­man­i­ties. She also has a se­ri­ous ad­dic­tion to combo plates at restau­rants. You can read about Kim at kimb

A mo­bile app that eY­plains your sub­con­scious – from play­ing a game? Sounds like it could be fun, but Kim Lacey isn’t im­pressed…

I had high hopes for So­cial Knowl­edge. It prom­ises to be the per­fect app for me as I’m a sucker for quizzes and fun chal­lenges. The app com­bines a daily quiz, psy­chol­ogy and ‘fun’ whilst on the go. Avail­able for iPhone and An­droid, So­cial Knowl­edge is a light­weight app that asks one psy­chol­ogy-themed ques­tion per day. Your se­lected re­sponse is recorded and the cor­rect an­swer is given the next day. Users can then click on the ‘ Why?’ but­ton to see a sum­mary of the psy­chol­ogy re­search that ver­i­fies the an­swer.

So­cial Knowl­edge should please the psy­chol­o­gy­in­clined, but ul­ti­mately I found it didn’t fully sat­isfy. The ‘daily ques­tion’ is more of a ‘daily state­ment’ and is pitched in a limited ‘true or false’ for­mat. Mul­ti­ple choice an­swers are pretty typ­i­cal of quiz apps, so there’s noth­ing to re­ally quib­ble about here. How­ever, the let-down is that the state­ments are only mildly in­ter­est­ing. Take this ex­am­ple: “If peo­ple are per­suaded by a mes­sage, they prob­a­bly paid at­ten­tion to the mes­sage.” With only one state­ment avail­able per day, sadly this app didn’t hold my at­ten­tion. So­cial

K would be far more en­gag­ing if at least a few ques­tions came with im­me­di­ate an­swers – rather than hav­ing to wait 24 hours. This sort of in­stant feed­back might prompt me to open the app reg­u­larly. That said, it’s not all bad news: dis­cov­er­ing the re­search that backs up the cor­rect an­swer is gen­uinely in­ter­est­ing. In-Mind’s com­mit­ment to re­search and the in­clu­sion of a full list of the rel­e­vant re­search is to be ap­plauded. How­ever, with­out a bank of ques­tions or even an ar­chive, I can’t see this app be­ing a good use of time. Over­all, it is a great idea but it doesn’t do enough as it stands to make for a truly en­gag­ing ex­pe­ri­ence.

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