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In ad­di­tion to com­mu­ni­ca­tion is­sues, autists aSe MiLeMy to exIiCit SeQeti­tiWe CeIaWiouS sucI as Iand flaQQinH oS SocLinH, Se­sis­tance to cIanHe, com­pul­sions and rit­u­al­is­tic be­hav­iours. For ex­am­ple, an autis­tic per­son may show in­ter­est only in one spe­cific topic, such as a tele­vi­sion show or a spe­cific toy or Hame. AlthouHh none oG th­ese be­hav­iours is spe­cific to ASD, they are far more com­mon in chil­dren with the dis­or­der.

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