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Some­times you see a video that you just can’t help shar­ing. No, not the one of those YouTube videos of dogs pop­ping bal­loons or an­i­mated squir­rels do­ing back­flips, but some­thing that truly makes you stop and think. I don’t of­ten give such vi­ral videos or pho­tos the time of day – but I’m pleased I didn’t ig­nore ‘ The sur­pris­ing truth about

what mo­ti­vates us’. It was one of the most worth­while ten min­utes I’d spent in a long time. An an­i­mated short by the RSA, the video ques­tions what drives us out of bed in the morn­ing. We might think that a pay rise or fi­nan­cial bonus would re­ally in­cen­tivise us. But it al­most cer­tainly won’t. ‘Per­for­mance re­lated pay’ is used the world over to in­spire and drive em­ploy­ees. Politi­cians par­tic­u­larly love it – es­pe­cially when it means cut­ting the salary of civil ser­vants. But it doesn’t make us work bet­ter. Quite the op­po­site: money as the mo­ti­va­tor makes us less pro­duc­tive. Sur­pris­ing? It stunned me. Each is­sue we like to of­fer ar­ti­cles that give you a rea­son to stop and think, or to make you smile. (And prefer­ably both.) I hope this is­sue is no ex­cep­tion. First out of the blocks is Leila, our opin­ion colum­nist, who ar­gues that re­al­ity TV skews what real life is. Our Scep­tic Guru, Daryl Il­bury, goes on to shine a light on the world of East Asian ‘con­ing’ ther­apy (putting a can­dle in your ear), while Fit­ness Guru Matt Lins­dell stamps his au­thor­ity on the ‘low-im­pact’ run­ning shoe con. If food is more your thing, Natasha has got just what you need with her guide to cook­ing fancy Miche­lin Star-style food at home. In this is­sue you’ll dis­cover why frogs are worth kissing, why a rare steak shouldn’t touch your lips, and you will meet Carly, the autis­tic child who didn’t speak for ten years. And of course we fea­ture our usual mix of news, re­views, Ask a Guru, com­pe­ti­tions and more... I hope this lit­tle taster will mo­ti­vate you to read on. But, be­yond the world of Guru, what re­ally mo­ti­vates us in ev­ery­day life? The re­search shows there are three things: creative freedom, a sense of pur­pose, and the op­por­tu­nity to keep im­prov­ing. Now come to think of it, it isn’t all that sur­pris­ing…

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