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New to this is­sue, Guru gives you an eas­ily di­gestible roundup of the news you prob­a­bly missed. We’ve got sto­ries about pre­his­toric birds, tele­scopic con­tact lenses, and plenty more too. We just don’t want to ruin the sur­prise.

A grow­ing re­sis­tance: malaria is out­wit­ting the best brains. Sci­en­tists are dis­cov­er­ing that malaria is be­com­ing im­mune to their best drugs. So, what are the plans for at­tack­ing the deadly par­a­site?

Pre­his­toric song­bird felt our pain. A re­cent pa­le­ovi­rol­ogy study has dis­cov­ered

ev­i­dence of Hep­ati­tis B in­fec­tion within a 65 mil­lion-year-old fos­sil. Hid­den away in the DNA of an an­cient bird, there is hope that this new find­ing will lead to a bet­ter un­der­stand­ing of this vi­ral in­fec­tion, which can cause se­ri­ous liver dam­age. Your very own su­per­power: new con­tact lens of­fers tele­scopic vi­sion. It’s not clear what mo­ti­vated such an awe­some piece of tech, but we think it’s some­thing to do with watch­ing too many Bond movies. It could be the per­fect gift for a peep­ing Tom!

The HIV cure could be in your bones. Two HIV in­fected men in the US have un­der­gone two weeks with­out any anti-HIV drugs – and with­out any sign of the dis­ease – hav­ing both re­ceived bone mar­row trans­plants. The world is wait­ing with bated breath to see if it is the long an­tic­i­pated cure. Com­ing soon to a store near you: a Harry Pot­ter in­vis­i­bil­ity cloak Well, per­haps… Prof John Pendry has de­vel­oped and led the way in re­search to­wards ma­te­ri­als that makes light bend around them. Some day he may be re­mem­bered as the ‘in­vis­i­bil­ity cloak’ cre­ator. Some­thing to tweet about: new bird species flies in the face of re­searchers While mak­ing checks for avian flu in 2009, re­searchers were sur­prised to find an en­tirely new species of bird liv­ing un­der their noses – on a city con­struc­tion site. It has now been Chris­tened ‘Ortho­to­mus chak­to­muk’ (or known as the Cam­bo­dian Tailor­bird to their friends). What seems more im­por­tant to you, clean en­ergy or a fast train? With eco­log­i­cal disas­ter sit­ting un­com­fort­ably close, should we be con­sid­er­ing how our lead­ers spend money? In the UK, £50 bil­lion pounds ($76 bil­lion dollars) is be­ing spent on a high speed train sys­tem that shaves 35 min­utes off a 120 mile jour­ney. But couldn’t this money be bet­ter spent on build­ing a sus­tain­able fu­ture?

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