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Peter Tripp

(201 hours – 8.4 days) This reck­less DJ from NYC set the world record in stay­ing awake back in 1959. The world watched him slowly lose his mind in­side a glass booth in Times Square, NYC. By day three, he was al­ready as emo­tion­ally in­con­ti­nent as a two-year-old. To­wards the end he even claimed to be an im­poster. Ap­par­ently, he had some help from some of the darker trea­sures of his medicine cab­i­net… Sadly, there were last­ing ef­fects: he be­came moody and de­pressed, which even­tu­ally lost him his job and may ex­plain why he got di­vorced by four con­sec­u­tive wives.

Randy Gard­ner

(264 hours – 11 days) In 1965, at the ten­der age of 17, 3andy took part in a school sci­ence project on sleep­ing pat­terns. Un­like his pre­de­ces­sor, he man­aged the feat with­out the help of stim­u­lants, though he still had some ma­jor delu­sions. On day four he saw cob­webs on peo­ple’s faces and kit­tens chas­ing mice around. By the end he had con­vinced him­self he was a fa­mous Amer­i­can foot­ball player.

Tony Wright

(266 hours – 11.1 days) The English don’t take de­feat lightly. This chap, from Corn­wall, UK, fully in­tended to go be­yond Randy Gard­ner’s im­pres­sive bench­mark. The whole time he stayed awake, he lived on a diet of raw fruit and veg. Un­for­tu­nately for him, he was too late: the Guin­ness Book of World Records no longer ac­cepted records re­lated to sleep de­pri­va­tion due to the health risks in­volved. How­ever, he did get some pretty good pub­lic­ity for his book, Left In The Dark.

Mau­reen We­ston

(449 hours - 18.7 days) But did one over­looked woman outshine them all? As part of a rock­ing chair marathon in the UK back in 1977, .au­reen may have bro­ken the world record for stay­ing awake. No one knows for cer­tain, be­cause no one cared to sci­en­tif­i­cally mon­i­tor whether she was in­deed awake the whole time. How­ever, wit­nesses stated that, to­wards the end of the stunt, she did seem a bit ‘off her rocker’. We’ll never know for sure.

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