Solomon Ta­ble: Com­pli­cated and use­less

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The de­ci­sions we make play a ma­jor role in our lives. What col­lege should I go to: Smith or Skid­more? Even small can ones add up: Should I stay in or go out for a drink? Most of these de­ci­sions don’t re­quire a lot of thought. But there are times when you sim­ply have to whip out a notepad and make a good ol’ pro and con list. For­tu­nately, I’ve never had deal with any­thing that the trusty pen and paper couldn’t help me through. Solomon Ta­ble is an app that bills it­self as a way to make a sen­si­ble ver­dict on ma­jor life de­ci­sions. It’s an in­trigu­ing idea and would def­i­nitely save me from the late night calls from friends who des­per­ately need to talk through var­i­ous “what should I do?” sce­nar­ios. How­ever, my in­trigue was short-lived. Solomon Ta­ble uses a com­pli­cated-look­ing in­ter­face: a “ta­ble” is cov­ered with a lot of num­bers rep­re­sent­ing val­ues and per­cent­ages. It’s not im­me­di­ately ob­vi­ous what to do, so my next in­stinct was to find a tu­to­rial or ex­am­ples that the app might have in­cluded; they were not help­ful. With a lit­tle bit of tin­ker­ing, I did even­tu­ally fig­ure it out. On the top of the ta­ble, you have your “op­tions” (e.g. ‘Sports car’, ‘SUV’, ‘Cadil­lac’, etc). Run­ning down the left col­umn you have “pa­ram­e­ters” (‘cost’, ‘speed’, ‘lug­gage ca­pac­ity’, etc.) and then there are scroll bars that let you give each op­tion’s pa­ram­e­ters a score of -10 to 10. Based on the over­all aver­age of the score of the pa­ram­e­ters, you are given the best or worst choice. The con­cept of the app is not very com­plex. It’s as if you made sev­eral pro and con lists, gave each pro and con a value from -10 to 10, and av­er­aged the num­bers out. It could be use­ful in prin­ci­ple, but there are very few de­ci­sions in life for which this kind of sys­tem is ap­pro­pri­ate. The only prob­lem time when I would prob­a­bly use Solomon Ta­ble is when I am de­cid­ing which house to buy. Al­though, to be hon­est, now that I know the in­ner-work­ings of Solomon Ta­ble, I would prob­a­bly just do it with pen and paper.

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