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3. Floppy Love

It’s just a box, 13 floppy drives, one hard drive, a few bits of com­puter kit and some lines of of code. (Kids, ask your par­ents what a floppy drive is.) The guy who put it to­gether ac­tu­ally lets you down­load the code here. If you are feel­ing es­pe­cially ad­ven­tur­ous, you can even try to build one of your own. The love may be tainted but my won­der­ment has never been purer.

2. MS-DOS dance

If you are old enough to re­mem­ber the good ol’ black and white MS-DOS days, then you may re­mem­ber hear­ing the name ‘Sound­blaster’ by Cre­ative Labs. (It was an au­dio card for old school com­put­ers.) Some com­puter boffins with too much time on their hands have rekin­dled their ‘sound­blaster’ love and coded a pro­gram called Adlib Tracker II that turns your dust­cov­ered 1990’s com­puter into a night­club­wor­thy mu­sic ma­chine. Crank up the speak­ers to ap­pre­ci­ate just how retro-cool it is.

1. “Hey Mr Scan-Bourine Man, Play a Song For Me”

This is per­haps the best ex­am­ple of how to make mu­sic out of an­ti­quated com­puter hard­ware. It’s a groovy lit­tle num­ber that has hard drives keep­ing the beat, some tone-gen­er­at­ing com­po­nents for tune and an HP Scan­jet 3C scan­ner for the vo­cals (nat­u­rally). Quaint, sooth­ing and down­right geeky, this remix of Fun’s ‘ We are Young’ de­serves to be on the iPod of any sel­f­re­spect­ing com­puter geek.

Kyle Pas­tor is in grad­u­ate school com­plet­ing a Masters in the­o­ret­i­cal poly­mer physics. When not ex­plor­ing the physics of stuff no­body cares about, he is usu­ally writ­ing, cod­ing, or play­ing ob­scure games that no­body cares about. He blogs about all things in­ter­est­ing at www.inf­plus­plus.com.

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