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Wait – don’t throw out that old printer just yet! Kyle Pas­tor reck­ons you could use it to make some hoppin’ dance grooves. In the right hands, your ag­ing ac­ces­sories could give your of­fice space a whole new vibe. Just wait un­til you hear the scan­ner sing…

5. House of the Ris­ing Sun played by the Tesla Coil Con­duc­tors

Tesla coils are dough­nut-shaped elec­tri­cal transformers that pro­duce huge volt­ages. They are known for their abil­ity to pro­duce ex­cit­ing elec­tri­cal dis­plays; the volt­age from a Tesla coil gets so high that it ac­tu­ally breaks down the air mol­e­cules around it, let­ting elec­tric­ity pass through air like light­ning. In this video, a Tesla coil is tuned to play ‘House of the Ris­ing Sun’ by the An­i­mals. The large sparks you see are ac­tu­ally lots of small sparks that are be­ing pro­duced very quickly. By al­ter­ing how fast the coil gen­er­ates sparks, you can cre­ate mu­si­cal tones. It’s truly an in­spired use of tech­nol­ogy… just don’t get too close.

4. In­tel Orches­tra per­formed in the key of ‘puff’

What do you get when you mix paint­ball guns, mu­si­cal in­stru­ments and the su­per-brains at In­tel? Some­thing I like to call the ‘pft pft’ ma­chine. The sys­tem in the video uses com­pu­ta­tion, real time in­put, and timed chore­og­ra­phy to pro­duce the lovely mu­sic you hear... if you can get past the ‘pft-ing’.

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