Or­rery: A Story of Me­chan­i­cal So­lar Sys­tems , Clocks and English No bil­ity

By Tony Buick (Springer)

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Look to the Boyle fam­ily – the Earls of Or­rery – for nam­ing those still de­light­ful, highly in­struc­tive me­chan­i­cal de­vices that showed the mo­tion of moons around plan­ets and plan­ets around the Sun; that’s the same Boyle fam­ily that pro­duced Boyle’s Law (see Oris’ new Depth Gauge model to see that in ac­tion). The mak­ers of or­reries, as this book con­tends, tended also to be ex­tremely tal­ented de­vis­ers of sci­en­tific in­stru­ments and, of course, clocks. But above all per­haps, they were tal­ented in mak­ing con­nec­tions be­tween in­no­va­tive think­ing and pre­ci­sion en­gi­neer­ing. £19.95

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