The World’s Most Ex­pen­sive Watches,

By Ariel Adams

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Vulgar it might be, and cer­tainly a sign of the times, but it seems an in­escapable mark of 21st cen­tury liv­ing to, as Os­car Wilde had it, know the price of ev­ery­thing and the value of noth­ing. Per­haps this book – with its em­pha­sis not on the best, or the smartest, or the most crafted, but sim­ply the most ex­pen­sive watches – is a prod­uct of that. Fo­cus­ing on the last decade – in which, the au­thor notes, watch val­ues have soared to the $5m and more mark – the book sets the base­line at $200,000 and ex­plores the no­table watches that can com­mand such prices. Aware, in­deed, that talk­ing about money in this way is so very mid-1980s – and that’s not a com­pli­ment – the au­thors also try to, as he puts it, de­con­struct the price tag, not­ing that ex­clu­siv­ity and pres­tige – ar­ti­fi­cial con­structs of mar­ket­ing both – are of­ten as im­por­tant as the qual­i­ties of the phys­i­cal ob­ject it­self.

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