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The eas­i­est way to ex­pe­ri­ence the un­der­sea is with a mask and flip­pers. Moun­tain Point, five miles out­side of Ketchikan, has be­come a hot­bed for snor­kel­ing. The site’s shal­low pools are calm and clear, mak­ing it easy to see the sur­pris­ing ar­ray of Alaska’s vi­brant marine life. Crea­tures such as sea stars, nudi­branchs, anemones, chi­tons, limpets, and tube worms are sure to cap­ti­vate.

If you’re new to snor­kel­ing, no prob­lem. Ab­so­lute be­gin­ners are wel­comed, so go for the bragging rights of say­ing your first time snor­kel­ing was in Alaska. The most dif­fi­cult part is wig­gling in and out of the wet­suit.

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