Man who spot­ted in­tense, bright light says UFO is from an­other planet

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A man said he spot­ted a UFO ‘not from our world’ hov­er­ing in the sky and flash­ing strangely in broad day­light.

Bob Wise, 49, said he saw the bizarre ob­ject at around 12pm in Easthamp­sted, Bracknell, and Berk­shire, the UK, on Au­gust 27, mir­ wrote.

The day was hot and sunny, with per­fectly clear skies. But de­spite the bright sun­light, Wise said the ob­ject stood out, prompt­ing him to take out his iphone and cap­ture some pho­to­graphs.

Wise said: “It was sta­tion­ary. Just flash­ing. It was dim at first, but then it got brighter and brighter, which is when I de­cided to take the pic­tures on my iphone.”

But it wasn’t un­til Wise edited the live photos to­gether (each photo is made up of three sec­onds of video footage) that he no­ticed how strange the ob­ject was.

De­scrib­ing the UFO as the shape as a ‘ball bear­ing’, Wise said the ob­ject hov­ered for around six or seven min­utes, be­fore even­tu­ally mov­ing slowly across the sky.

And he claimed that the ob­ject might not be from our planet. He said: “My gut re­ac­tion is that it’s not ours. It was in­cred­i­bly bright, it ap­peared to have its own life source.” “The light re­minded me of be­ing in chem­istry lessons at school, like burn­ing mag­ne­sium. “It wasn’t an elec­tri­cal light. It was very odd.” Wise said the airspace where he spot­ted the UFO is a busy one. He said: “I see planes and he­li­copters in the sky all the time. But these lights stood out. “I just don’t think it’s from here. I’m open-minded about these things. “The footage is straight from my iphone, it hasn’t been tam­pered with. Of course, I’m still open to the fact that it could be some sort of at­mo­spheric phe­nom­e­non.” Bracknell has become a UFO hotspot in re­cent years, with sev­eral strange sight­ings re­ported. Wise him­self said he spot­ted a strange cylin­dri­cal shape in the sky around five years ago. And in 2013, an air­craft pi­lot was fly­ing at around 34,000ft when he spot­ted a “bright, sil­ver, rugby-ball shaped” craft ap­proach­ing the plane.


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